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Waterproofing Specialist

We collaborated with Homey Bali as part of the marketing team.

Homey Bali is a company engaged in the field of Waterproofing Systems such as Injection, Coating, Epoxy, Sealants, Membrane, Geo Textile, and so on.
With the tagline of Professional, Quality and Guarantee,  We are supported by experts and professionals in their fields.

Homey Bali always provides the best quality in every work, by guaranteeing maximum work results.
Homey Bali always strives to provide the best service at a very competitive level to be able to provide solutions for the repair and maintenance of your building.

Homey Bali continues to innovate in providing the best services in dealing with leakage problems in office buildings, hospitals, villas, hotels, residential properties and so on. with professional experts, Homey Bali always maintains every quality of work with a product brand that has been tested for quality to maintain client trust and satisfaction.

The vision of Homey Bali

Being a Professional, Quality and Guaranteed Company in providing the best contribution to infrastructure development in Indonesia

The Mission of Homey Bali 

provide the best innovations and waterproofing solutions in solving leakage problems in your building
Creating jobs for the people of Indonesia
Creating quality and professional human resources

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